Topographic anatomy and operative surgery


1Department of Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy was founded in 1945 at the teaching hospital of railway headed by Associate Professor Alexei Troitski (1945-1949), who was a military surgeon, who previously worked in various hospitals of the Soviet Army.

In the period of 1950-1955 the department is held by Professor Savelii Rubashov, Honored Scientist of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Moldova, the illustrious physician- surgeon who worked together with Associate Professors Michael Lerner and Idel Scherbacov.

In the years 1956-1987 the head department was Professor Valentina Parfentieva, Honored Scientist of the Republic of Moldova, the disciple of remarkable school of medicine of Saint Petersburg, Russia.

In 1966 was founded a course for advanced study of topographic anatomy and operative surgery for retraining physicians headed by Professor Nicolae Fruntashu who worked together with Assistant Professor Alexandra Kolesnik.  In 1977 to this course was invoked Senior Lecturer Boris Topor.

In the years 1987-1999 the head of department was Professor Ion Podubniy, Honored Worker of Public Education.  In 1989 was initiate the laboratory Bioplant for study of new combined morphoinductive biomaterials for plastic surgery, which was conducted by Associate Professor Boris Topor.  Meanwhile, Ludmila Chiroshca, Nicolae Fruntashu and Boris Topor defended their dissertations and obtained the title of Full Professor.

In 1999, the head of department is elected Professor Boris Topor, a disciple of Professor Valentina Parfentieva and academician Vladimir Kovanov.  In this time defended their dissertations in obtained the title of Full Professor Viorel Nacu and the title of Associate Professors Vasile Gheorghitsa, Serghei Suman, Radu Turchin, Gheorghe Guzun.

In 2007, started in collaboration with Professor Pavel Ciobanu, is created the laboratory of Tissue Engineering and Cell Cultures, which is conducted by Professor Viorel Nacu.

To the development of the department contributed Academician Gheorghe Ghidirim, Professors Ilie Banaru, Vladislav Rozvadovski, Constantin Laktionov and Victor Remizov.  At the beginning of their medical career they worked in the department of Topographic Anatomy and Operative Surgery.